I’ve been a mentor for over a decade and since 2018 also formally with the ACFE, supporting students and professionals from diverse backgrounds and demographics in North America, Asia and Europe to achieve their objectives.

Goals have ranged from completing a professional training and study program to changing jobs. Also, relocating to another country, deciding on whether to pursue family or career objectives (or both), and starting one’s own business, growing it beyond borders or handing it over, is what I have been helping to make happen.

Obstacles have ranged from time management issues, habitually working excessive hours or procrastination, to cultural barriers, family and peer pressure, a fear of failure, retaliation and inaction. Language and cultural barriers, access to local information and interpreting it correctly have also been barriers we have overcome collaboratively.

The spectrum is wide and mentoring covers complex issues, something I expect and enjoy to work with. I take a non-judgmental stance and support conducting, analysing and questioning research (see About for my qualifications, experience and credentials as well as references).

I also help with structured and fact-based evaluation but keep looking at feelings and findings in a holistic manner. Acknowledging the importance of sub-conscious likes or dislikes that may drive decision-making processes and actions in powerful ways, is key to progress and success.

Whether sounding off ideas and considering things from various angles in a safe space or having an accountability coach in me as mentor, no two mentorships are equal and I offer unique tailored combinations or stand-alone approaches as we see fit. I also offer analysis, investigation and due diligence from a risk-based perspective in English and German.

Are you not sure yet? Perhaps you have been considering to get a trusted advisor for a while or are stuck in decision-making?

Whether it’s career progress or a new endeavour, straight-forward or complicated mentoring – just get in touch for a first informal discovery chat or call I look forward to having with you.